OProCyn is a brand of high potency isotonic OPC product and is marketed by an independant distributor for the broad reach of the consumer public.

OProCyn is all-natural isotonic OPC drink powder 300g - OPC 3 month supply (90 servings), and does not contain any artificial flavors.

Product Details

Each bottle contains 300g powder (90 servings for 3 month supply).

Each serving contains:
Oligopin® French maritime pine bark extract polyphenols > 96%: 30mg;
Vitaflavan ® French grape seed extract polyphenols > 96%: 30mg;
ExGrape ® French red wine extract polyphenols > 92%: 30mg;
Green tea extract polyphenols > 98%, EGCG > 45%: 30mg;
Bilberry extract: 30 mg; Citrus extract bioflavonoids: 15mg;
Vitamin C 30mg;
Potassium (bicarbonate) 93mg.
Other ingredients: fructose, glucose, citric acid, maltodextrin,
silica, calcium sulfate, pectin & natural grape flavor.

Terms/Conditions and Refund Policy

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Seller pays for shipping if any product return is necessary.

Refund within a week after we receive a product return.

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Phone: 877-245-6006.
Please contact us by email: opc@oprocyn.biz

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OProCyn® Isotonic OPC 3 Month Drink Powder

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